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“Now who’s letting people die in the streets?” I sighed. “Support me, publically. A show of united strength, a true alliance—the Knights Infernal against the Everlasting. Not Declan Hale against Jon Faraday.” I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Jon, brother, I am looking for a reason not to kill you. Please give me one.”

Declan Hale has been possessed by his greatest enemy – Lord Oblivion of the Everlasting. He has lost control of his power, his body, and the Everlasting’s dark intent will tear him from True Earth, to star-strewn citadels, and into open war against his own people in Ascension City.

The Knights Infernal and their king, Jon Faraday, Declan’s half-brother, have never seen eye to eye. Now with Oblivion in control, the Shadowless Arbiter is unleashed against the Story Thread. Something else moves in the shadows, something born of god and man, and it does not have Declan’s best interests at heart.

The stakes are raised, the deck is stacked, and war, or something like it, is inevitable.


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